Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Quy

Hello all, it’s Stephen here., alleged chief cook and bottle washer at BXHS.  I’m here to tell you about a benefit show we are hosting with our pals Jo Spratley (from Spratley’s Japs) & The  Windmill in Brixton this month in aid of the legendary percussionist Tim Quy who played with Cardiacs throughout the 80s.

There are a number of BXHS stars in attendance, the line up including Redbus Noface, Ham Legion, Familiar Action and, my lot, The Stephen Evens Band.  Other acts on board are Vonhorn, Crayola Lecturn, Wryneck and a special secret performance from a yet unrevealed act featuring members of Knifeworld, Lost Crowns and some ex-Cardiacs members. There is also going to be an auction of some rare Cardiacs related treats not to mention a full on Cardiacs disco at the end.


Cardiacs are one of those bands that can be filed under the “music’s best kept secret” category.  A band that some might describe as pure marmite. You either find them unpalatable or you cannot resist chomping down on their sonic delights at any given opportunity.  Like the legendary Velvet Underground, Cardiacs did not sell a great number of records during their time but pretty much everyone who bought one formed a band. Their influences can be detected in bands as diverse as Blur & Radiohead and artists such as Mike Patton of Faith No More and er….Steve Davis (he’s not just about snooker, y’know, Steve knows his psychedelia. Check out his band The Utopia Strong). 

Tim has been fighting cancer of the mouth, tongue and jawbone the past 2 years.  Despite receiving first class treatment from the NHS for his condition, being unable to work has left him in somewhat of a financial hole.  Therefore a small number of friends, family and devoted fans have been organising fundraisers to help Tim with his ever amounting costs to soften his financial stress so he can get on with the important business of recovery.


Tim’s contribution to Cardiacs sound was the pure fairy dust upon which they separated themselves from many of their contemporaries.  The mixture of xylophone, catchy cowbell rhythms, big bass drums and china cymbals held aloft, Tim’s percussive acrobatics brought to mind the skills of Ruth Underwood or Ed Marimba (aka Art Tripp III) of Zappa and Beefheart’s bands respectively.  More like a small orchestra than a rock band, the classic era of Cardiacs were utterly unique and Tim’s place in it utterly essential.

Cardiacs have been my Elvis, Beethoven and Captain Beefheart, all rolled in to one for as long as I can remember.  The first time I heard the opening bars of their song “To Go Off & Things” being played at me (when I wandered into their gig by mistake aged 14) my first thought was “I didn’t know we were allowed to do this?” It was the first time I witnessed the rule book being given the 2 fingers, an attitude that has stuck with me to this day. 

Not every band’s success can or should be measured in record sales, venue capacities and award ceremonies. Whatever one may think about the musicians life it is rare that is accompanied by much in the way of financial reward.  Which is why something like this is important.  There is no safety net for those artists who’ve not made it to the big time, should they fall foul of life’s cruel fates.  So this is one reason why we are behind this event 100%.  If there is even a minuscule amount we can do to support those people who have inspired us, entertained us and kept our hearts full of love for music, then count us in.  We are a music community and we support each other because we know that there are things more important than money….that said, please give generously and come along on the 15th.

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