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Save Brixton Hill Studios Campaign

Thankyou so much for your support so far!

Due to a larger than anticipated rent increase at the end of our 10 yr lease, it means we can no longer afford to stay at the premises at 126 Brixton Hill.

We broke the news to everyone on June 5th, 2023. Since then we have been totally overwhelmed with well wishes, offers of help, social media sharing, petition signing and shouting about the cause. Patrons, friends, local residents, local councillors and supporters of the arts have really got behind us, and we feel very wanted here! Thankyou x

We have been working with lots of helpful people and trying to get the landlord to negotiate, as yet however, nothing has been resolved, but we remain hopeful that although we may not be able to get the landlord to reduce his rental price, we might be able to extend our lease for enough time as to find other premises in the area.

Here’s a quick round up of what’s gone on so far…

Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP

Spurred on by one of our loyal customers who kindly wrote a template letter, many people wrote to our local MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy. Bell has taken a keen interest in our situation, visiting the studio along with Councillor Olga Fitzroy and writing to the landlord directly on behalf of us and concerned local residents.


Jimi Smith started a petition on Jun 6th which ran for 10 days and garnered 5,800 names in just 10 days. Support came from people who rely on the studio, bands who come here to rehearse such as Black Midi, Shame, Berries, Dinosaur Pile Up, The Dust Coda and Big Joanie, to Brixton residents and and organisations such a the Brixton Soup Kitchen and our favourite local venue, The Windmill.

Along with food critic and jazz musician Jay Rayner who rehearses here, we also had signatures from industry friends Graham Coxon (Blur), Charlotte Hatherley, Jim Bob (Carter USM) and legendary Bowie producer Tony Visconti.

Radio DJs also got involved including three who are hugely influential in promoting new music and often play bands who rehearse here – John Kennedy at Radio X and Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson from BBC 6Music.


We’ve had a quite a bit of interest from the media, from BBC Radio London to the Evening Standard, South London Press to Brixton Buzz, we are grateful to the journalists who listened and got the story out to the wider audience. Here are links to some of the articles:

‘Ripping the culture out of Brixton’: Music studios set to close as landlord demands £32K rent rise – South London Press
Brixton Hill Studios fights for survival after ‘greedy landlords’ Lexadon demand £32K rent rise – Brixton Buzz
Stephen Gilchrist and Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP on the Lion Heart show – BBC Radio London (from around 34mins)
Tony Visconti in The Londoner’s Diary – Evening Standard
Brixton Hill Studios under threat of closure – LoudWomen
Save Brixton Hill Studios: Vital South London rehearsal space discuss fight to stay open in the face of unbridled profiteering – Far Out Magazine
One of South London’s last affordable rehearsal and recording spaces is under threat of closure – Louder Than War
Campaign to save Brixton Hill Studios from closure launched by South London scene – Juno Records


Our friend Aggie Branner from the band Balamuc made this short fly on the wall film about the studio > #savebrixtonhillstudios
Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t already.

Social Media

Amazing to see so many of you get involved, we appreciate all the shares, likes and comments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
It has also been lovely to see some of you posting memories of good times here at the studios, or sharing videos of your rehearsals, or taking your pic in front of our iconic shutter.

Our patrons are the best! We appreciate you so much, and we will do our best to make sure we continue to offer a space for you to make music in Brixton.

Keep up to date with progress of the campaign on our Facebook Group – Brixton Hill Studios Preservation Society

Announcement: Closure of Brixton Hill Studios

Dear Friends,

It’s with the heaviest of hearts that I write to you confirming that South London’s favourite “playground” for adults is being threatened with closure at the end of the Summer. We just about made it to 10 years but more astoundingly we managed to navigate a pandemic and multiple lockdowns (and not without your considerable support and the financial input from the Arts Council of Great Britain).  We managed to survive when many of our brothers and sisters in the industry didn’t. Unfortunately the one thing we can not compete with is an astronomical rent rise.

Yep, that’s right we are being priced out of our home.

It’s been a rocky road to recovery but in recent months we’ve seen the studio reaching full capacity as everyone from the pros, weekend warriors and the rising rockstars of tomorrow have been eager to create again. We are proud that from the very first day we opened our doors we’ve experienced a diverse range of artists, bands and performers, all from differing backgrounds and influences. Many of you have also become friends and comrades too. There are multiple associations and partnerships we’ve made including our favourite venue, The Windmill and local music charity Grounded Sounds who do essential work educating and engineering music related opportunities for the local youth population. BXHS is more than an industrial unit with some amps and drums stuck inside it, we’ve become a part of the community, a community it has been a pleasure to serve and support for the last 10 years.

As well as rehearsals we have made some fantastic records here, not only on tape and digital but there was also the time someone insisted we mixed their songs on to cassette. We’ve put on some unforgettable all dayers, Christmas parties and put out a few records of your awesome tunes. We held open days and band merch markets. We’ve housed music teachers and their aspiring students from the get go, making sure everyone has somewhere to make noise.  Some of us remember the opening night party where we received a surprise visit from Pixies’s Black Francis. For many of us this place has been a constant in our lives since the days it was a single room studio at the back of Unit 2.

So what are we going to do now?

We are doing everything we can to keep BXHS running. If not here then at a new site. Even if we have to shut down for a little while we shall let you know with as much notice as possible so you can make alternative arrangements. It’s a big old job to dismantle and rebuild somewhere else. We only have 4 months  in which to find somewhere suitable that is also within budget and sustainable for the next 10-20 years.  

But this is something we need, right? 

The few people we have shared this information with have already asked “is there anything we can do”? For now you can sign up to our mailing list (see below) and join the Brixton Hill Studios Preservation Society on FB.  All progress will be posted there before the wider socials.

In the meantime if you would like to share some pictures and stories of your times here at BXHS please do so on our socials or tag us in in your stories and posts. All the emotional support given to us helps us to fight the good fight and, in every sense, go into battle. 

“There is history in this place

There are dragons to be chased”

Skull by Sebadoh

Watch this space, as they say…


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Culture Recovery Fund

We are beyond delighted to share the exciting news that we are one of the 588 cultural and creative organisations receiving a Culture Recovery Fund grant from Arts Council England on behalf of the DCMS and HM Treasury.

The funding is a lifeline that will mean not only are we able to keep operating, but we can also upgrade and enhance our services to keep up with the changing landscape of the music industry.

We thank our loyal customers for their support over the last few months, we are so pleased we can continue to provide you with a place to create and hone your craft. We hope to encourage more musicians from the local scene to come and make the most of our rehearsal and recording facilities and we embrace the opportunity to remain a supportive hub for the live music community as it recovers.

We’re also busy working on plans to engage a wider audience of music consumers, supporters and enthusiasts over the coming months.



Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Quy

Hello all, it’s Stephen here., alleged chief cook and bottle washer at BXHS.  I’m here to tell you about a benefit show we are hosting with our pals Jo Spratley (from Spratley’s Japs) & The  Windmill in Brixton this month in aid of the legendary percussionist Tim Quy who played with Cardiacs throughout the 80s.

There are a number of BXHS stars in attendance, the line up including Redbus Noface, Ham Legion, Familiar Action and, my lot, The Stephen Evens Band.  Other acts on board are Vonhorn, Crayola Lecturn, Wryneck and a special secret performance from a yet unrevealed act featuring members of Knifeworld, Lost Crowns and some ex-Cardiacs members. There is also going to be an auction of some rare Cardiacs related treats not to mention a full on Cardiacs disco at the end.


Cardiacs are one of those bands that can be filed under the “music’s best kept secret” category.  A band that some might describe as pure marmite. You either find them unpalatable or you cannot resist chomping down on their sonic delights at any given opportunity.  Like the legendary Velvet Underground, Cardiacs did not sell a great number of records during their time but pretty much everyone who bought one formed a band. Their influences can be detected in bands as diverse as Blur & Radiohead and artists such as Mike Patton of Faith No More and er….Steve Davis (he’s not just about snooker, y’know, Steve knows his psychedelia. Check out his band The Utopia Strong). 

Tim has been fighting cancer of the mouth, tongue and jawbone the past 2 years.  Despite receiving first class treatment from the NHS for his condition, being unable to work has left him in somewhat of a financial hole.  Therefore a small number of friends, family and devoted fans have been organising fundraisers to help Tim with his ever amounting costs to soften his financial stress so he can get on with the important business of recovery.


Tim’s contribution to Cardiacs sound was the pure fairy dust upon which they separated themselves from many of their contemporaries.  The mixture of xylophone, catchy cowbell rhythms, big bass drums and china cymbals held aloft, Tim’s percussive acrobatics brought to mind the skills of Ruth Underwood or Ed Marimba (aka Art Tripp III) of Zappa and Beefheart’s bands respectively.  More like a small orchestra than a rock band, the classic era of Cardiacs were utterly unique and Tim’s place in it utterly essential.

Cardiacs have been my Elvis, Beethoven and Captain Beefheart, all rolled in to one for as long as I can remember.  The first time I heard the opening bars of their song “To Go Off & Things” being played at me (when I wandered into their gig by mistake aged 14) my first thought was “I didn’t know we were allowed to do this?” It was the first time I witnessed the rule book being given the 2 fingers, an attitude that has stuck with me to this day. 

Not every band’s success can or should be measured in record sales, venue capacities and award ceremonies. Whatever one may think about the musicians life it is rare that is accompanied by much in the way of financial reward.  Which is why something like this is important.  There is no safety net for those artists who’ve not made it to the big time, should they fall foul of life’s cruel fates.  So this is one reason why we are behind this event 100%.  If there is even a minuscule amount we can do to support those people who have inspired us, entertained us and kept our hearts full of love for music, then count us in.  We are a music community and we support each other because we know that there are things more important than money….that said, please give generously and come along on the 15th.

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Quy – Windmill Page

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Quy – FB Page

Just Giving Fund

BXHS Prices from September 2019

Due to the ever increasing costs of being situated in a popular  London borough, coupled with an imminent rent rise, a price review is essential to our survival.

We have not increased our prices in Studios 1 & 2 since February 2016 and in Studios 3, 4 & 5 since March 2017. We will endeavour to keep our prices as reasonable as possible whilst being able to continue to deliver the high level of service you expect from us.  

VOX AC 15 VRs for hire @£5 per session

We have published the prices on the rates page and we’ve posted them up around the studio, as you might have already seen. We are still offering full backline in our premium studios (1&2) but are now only able to offer 1 guitar amp in our standard studios (3, 4 & 5). However we are only charging £5 for a standard amp per session if you need to double up.

There is some good news. We’ve managed to make some savings on the weekend evenings meaning that you can try our premium studios at knocked down prices or get a 3 hour session in one of our smaller rooms for the price of a round!

We thank you for your understanding & look forward to serving you for many years  to come & continuing to make this a hub for our local music scene.


BxHs Update June 2019

Welcome to another round up of what some of the lovely bands who frequent our rehearsal rooms are up to.

Firstly we’d like to send our condolences to those in our community who have been affected by the untimely passing of Jack Medley. Beth from Madonnatron has been integral in setting up a gofundme campaign to help with Jack’s funeral costs, and also posthumously releasing his album, Charlotte from Madonnatron also created the wonderful artwork pictured below that was on display in The Windmill for his memorial gig on Sunday May 26. Amazing to think this painting was just a piece of wood in our car park a few days ago!

Also on May 26, our wonderful boss held the first of his monthly residencies at The Betsey Trotwood. ‘The Curates Egg’ beheld an afternoon of cracking talent including music and comedy from Kate Arnold, Benjamin Louche, Andrew O’Neal, The Stephen Evens Band and Terre de Lune who, as I write, is recording songs with Stephen and Nick in the studio. Next one is June 30th when the pub will again open especially on a Sunday for your listening and laughing pleasure.

Releases-wise we look forward to June 7 when Dinosaur Pile-Up’s ‘Celebrity Mansions’ album is unleashed on an unsuspecting public, they recently announced a few small shows to mark the launch before they play at Download Festival. Go. See. Hear. Love,

Also in your record shops is the new Madonnatron album ‘Musica alla Puttanesca’. We were very touched to have a thank you mention in the sleeve notes, plus our very own Alex plays trumpet on the album!

We raise a glass to lead singer of Les Futiles and regular visitor to these hallowed halls, Paul Killengray, in honour of his upcoming wedding in June, we wish you love, luck and happiness on your special day, and all the special days to follow with the lovely Lou xx

And if you’re OK with it, I’d like to raise a personal glass to my dear Dad who passed recently. He was a big fan of music, and mischief – in healthier times he was always up for a natter over a whisky (or three) with me and my bandmates.

He woulda loved you lot, almost as much as we do x


29 – JOHN, The Lexington, Angel
30 – Les Futiles, Amersham Arms
31 – Dog Race, Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

01 – Screaming Toenail/Big Joanie, Poly Styrene Weekender, 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning, Herne Hill
02 – The Good Tenants, Camden Rocks Festival, Brewdog, Camden
02 – Rat The Magnificent, Windmill, Brixton
05 – Rachel Chinouriri, Moth Club, Hackney
07-11 – Dinosaur Pile-Up, various Record stores across UK
08 – Penya, Visionary OddBall Festival, The Isis River Farmhouse, Oxford
09 – Death And The Penguin, Portals Festival, The Dome, Tufnell Park
10 – Big Joanie (supporting Bikini Kill), O2 Forum, Kentish Town
13 – Ham Legion/Hot Sauce Pony/Dog Of Man, Windmill, Brixton
14 – Moreish Idols, Off The Cuff, Herne Hill
14 & 15 – Tippa Irie, Hideaway, Streatham
15 – Lion, Bushstock, Sheperd’s Bush
16 – Dinosaur Pile Up, Download Festival
16 – Eugene Coyne, The Windmill, Brixton
17-21 – Madonnatron tour, including Moth Club, London 21/6
19 – Black Midi, EartH, Dalston
20/21 – Lion (supporting Band Of Horses), Oxford Academy/O2 Forum, Kentish Town
21 – Light Emitting Dinosaurs, Rose And Crown, Bishops Stortford

BXHS bands live Jan/Feb 2019

Many wonderful bands have crossed the threshold here at Brixton Hill Studios, and we love them, so we thought we’d let you know when and where you can see them play live:

JAN 26 – Lion, Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith
JAN 26 – Rat The Magnificent, Urban Bar, Whitechapel
JAN 26 – TIDES, Icebreaker Festival, Portsmouth
JAN 27 – Barringtone, The Windmill, Brixton (IVW19)
JAN 28 – Black Midi, The Windmill, Brixton (IVW19)
JAN 29 – Misty Miller, The Windmill, Brixton (IVW19)

JAN 30 – Fat White Family, The Lexington
FEB 01 – Madonnatron, Shacklewell Arms, Dalston
FEB 01 – Hot Sauce Pony, New Cross Inn, New Cross
FEB 02 – PREGOBLIN, The Windmill, Brixton (IVW19)
FEB 02 – Madonnatron, Komedia, Brighton (IVW19)
FEB 03 – Dog Race, The Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden

FEB 08 – Lost Crowns (Album Launch)/Ham Legion, Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell
FEB 08 – Foundlings/The Fallen Sky plus Junodef & Muertos, The Finsbury, Manor House
FEB 09 – The Monochrome Set, Greystones, Sheffield
FEB 09 – Prussian Dolls, TheWater Rats, Kings Cross
FEB 13 – Gaygirl, The Social, W1
FEB 15 – Art Brut start national tour at Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
FEB 15 – Big Joanie start national tour at HQI, W12
FEB 15 – Kokomo, Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
FEB 16 – Vels Trio, Walthamstow Jazz Festival, Walthamstow Assembly Hall
FEB 16 – The Monochrome Set, The Ivy House, Nunhead
FEB 16 – Honey Joy start national tour (w/Bat Boy) at DIY Space For London, SE15

If you’ve rehearsed at Brixton Hill Studios and would like to be featured in the next gig update please get in touch –

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