BXHS Xmas Bauble no.6: Mangö

To mark the festive season, and highlight some of the excellent musicians in our little community at Brixton Hill Studios, we asked a select few artists who rehearse here to be a bauble on our musical Xmas tree by telling us a bit about themselves and answering some Christmassy questions…

Mangö – photo credit @cali_titmas

Mangö are an experimental cosmic quartet with a blend of psychedelic rock, soul and jazz on a musical journey to challenge new sonic possibilities. 

Brixton Hill Studios: What’s your Xmas tipple?
Mangö: Baileys on the rocks

BH: Tell us your own musical highlight of 2019 and anything exciting you’ve got coming up in 2020?
M: In 2019 we released our first EP and also a Single ‘Demons’. 
A great year of accomplishments & can’t wait to go full steam ahead into 2020.. where an album is waiting for us to finish it…

BH: Fave album of 2019?
M: White Denim- Side Effects

BH: Best gig you went to this year?
M: Black Midi at End of the Road Festival. Just pure bonkers!
BH: Black Midi appear on the Brixton Hill Xmas album ‘It’s Briiiiiiixmaaaaaaas’ – (see details below)

BH: Best gig you played this year?
M: Our Demons Single Release!

BH: Who should we go see in 2020?
M: Mangö! Tundra Love! Bulldada! Ham Legion! No Me Coman! Lime! Dog of Man! Hurtling!

BH: Best piece of musical advice you’ve ever had?
M: Make it groovy baby

BH: Any tips for fellow music makers?
M: Serve the music, not yourself. If it needs a Keytar solo, serve it!

BH: Fave thing about Brixton Hill Studios?
M: All the lovely people, and the homely live room decor! Good vibes all round.  Guaranteed milk in the fridge

BH: What’s on the front of your Christmas jumper?
M: Rudolf protruding out my stomach
BH: !

BH: Who would you play in the Nativity?
M: We’d be a band of donkeys, every single time

BH: Best Christmas song?
M: Ham Legion – We’d Better Start Dinner
BH: Brixton Hill Studios alumni such as Black Midi, Hot Sauce Pony, Scud FM, and the aforementioned Ham Legion (Nick Howiantz’s ban) and more have made a Christmas Album? You can check it out/buy it online, or ask at reception and we’ll sell you a copy. Profits go to Brixton Soup Kitchen.

Festive greetings from all of us at BXHS x

We hope to see you again soon in the New Year…
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