New rates from October 1st

Thanks again to everyone who signed the petition, shouted about us, or shared the plight of our potential closure with the wider world. We are very happy that this public pressure led to a negotiation with landlord Jerry Knight at Lexadon and that we are able to continue to provide a service to the music community of Brixton and beyond.

Unfortunately, the rent has still risen an eye-watering amount – this, along with rising costs and inflation, means that we are forced to raise our prices to stay afloat.

We hope you understand and appreciate you continued support.

Below are our new rates plus a few points worthy of mention:

  1. STUDIO 3 – Will now include 2 combo guitar amps in the backline.
  2. STUDIO 1 & 2 – Will have a PA/monitor upgrade, PLUS up until the end of December we are trialing a new 4.5 hour weeknight slot in these rooms – 6.30pm-11pm / 7pm-11.30pm.
  3. ALL STUDIOS – For the whole of October we are offering 20% off the weeknight 9pm-midnight slots in all the rooms.
  4. Anything you book in before October 1st 2023 will be charged at September 2023 prices.
  5. COMING SOON – BXHS Loyalty Cards – More on that to follow
Prices from October 1st 2023

The rent will continue to rise year on year, so we are actively looking to find a long term home With the help and advice of Lambeth Council, Music Venue Trust and Sister Midnight we hope to find and fund a community owned property that will be used for arts purposes in perpetuity, which can house Brixton Hill Studios and other arts groups and practitioners at a low rent. This could potentially benefit our customers as costs would reduce considerably and we’d be able to pass those savings on. Please help us in this venture by filling out our quick survey>>

…the data we gather will be useful to show the relevant bodies, and convince them that the community wants a place like this to exist in South London.

Many thanks

Team BXHS xx