New Flexible Booking System

We are still OPEN and serving the local music community that we love.

We are taking every precaution to keep you safe and reduce the chances of cross contamination, as we follow the advice from the DCMS and UK Music along with the newly founded Association of Independent Rehearsal and Recording Studios (AIRRS).

We would like to THANK YOU all for adhering to the guidelines, so far there have been NO OUTBREAKS IN ANY UK REHEARSAL VENUES.

We understand that some of the restrictions we have put in place have taken some adapting to. So to encourage everyone to come and use the studio, we are trialling a new booking system with revised rates. This means you can book ANY STUDIO YOU LIKE FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE for ultimate flexibility You can try Studio 1 during the day for just an hour to run through a set for £15, or Studio 4 all day for drum practise from only £7.50 per hour. It’s up to you.

New price rates per hour

We are adapting the studio as new advice is received and are working on some new and exciting innovations to our services, thanks to the generous help we have received from The Culture Recovery FundWe shall be unveiling these shortly so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

We are taking BOOKINGS ONLINE NOW* through the new and we hope to see you through our doors again soon.

Love & respect,
Stephen & Team BXHS

*Payment will be taken online at time of booking, we are also waiving our 48hr cancellation policy , however please be mindful and let us know as soon as possible if you won’t be attending your booking

Frequently asked questions:

Does my booking have to start on the hour?
– No, if it is available you will be able to book on the half hour, or finish on the half hour, or even book for 3 and a half hours etc.

Do I still have to book a 3 hour slot in the evening?
– No, you can book as many hours as you like in the evening. Evening rates start at 6pm.

Can I call you to make a booking?
– You are welcome to call us and we can check availability for you, but the booking will need to be made and paid for online in advance.

Can I pay for my share of the rehearsal separately?
– Not yet, but our new booking system are working on it and we hope to have it in place by the end of 2020.

Can I still hire cymbals and/or a bass guitar?
– Yes, you can book anything you need for your session and anything you need from our pro shop too, like strings, picks and drumsticks at the time of booking.

How many people can rehearse per room?
– At the moment restrictions are still in place. On our new booking system you can see the capacity available in each room. Currently the maximum per studio is:
Studio 1 – 5 persons
Studio 2 – 4 persons
Studio 3 – 3 persons
Studio 4 – 2 persons

Are you still offering recording?
– Yes we are and our two fine engineers, Nick Howiantz and Alessio Costa are available to make your hits come true.

Will bookings already made stay the same or change to new pricing?
– Bookings made on appointed are already paid for and will stay at the rate they were when booked.