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Covid-19: Latest Information

Updated: 16/07/2021


As of Monday 19th July the UK government is removing all safeguarding restrictions for COVID19 for the whole of England.  However we would like to ask all of our clients to continue to observe the following for the foreseeable future. 

  • Studios 1, 2 & 3 remain open.
  • Masks are to be worn throughout the communal areas & when in close proximity of others.
  • Keep your distance from people outside of your working group to 2 meters.
  • Please avail yourself of the hand sanitiser provided throughout the building.
  • Please do not congregate in the communal areas. If you have to wait please do so outside.

When booking a studio we would like you to bear in mind the recommended limits on numbers of people per studio.

Studio 1: Recommended 5 people, no more than 6.

Studio 2: Recommended 4 people, no more than 5.

Studio 3: Recommended 3 people, no more than 4.

Bookings requiring larger occupancy: If you wish to exceed the upper limits in one of our studios, please submit a stage plan for the room and show how you are going to mitigate the risk of cross contamination. We recommend that all bookings with multiple singers face away from the other participants when performing.

I want to thank you all for sticking through all of this with us. It has not been an easy ride but hopefully we will get through this stronger for it.  We feel it is important to proceed with caution not only to protect each other and those of us who are more susceptible but also so we can keep the studio safe and therefore avoid any unnecessary closures.

We couldn’t have got this far without you and want to continue moving forward in the same way.

Evening Sessions From 1st August: Due to the increasing traffic and to make sure that we can get everyone into rehearse that needs to we will be returning to the 6-9 and 9-12 slots for the evenings.  These will cost the same as the pre-COVID era and we will continue to offer free backline with these sessions.

W have also re opened our smaller rooms for solo instrument/DJ sessions. See below for prices:

If you are not feeling well or are showing any symptoms please do not attend your booking.

BXHS Guidance

We are now registered with NHS Test & Trace.

Please download the app for your phone and scan the QR code when you arrive at the studio.

We have also written a risk assessment which is available for you to download here.

BXHS Risk Assesment

For the time being all bookings need to be booked online and payment will be taken at the time of booking.

We look forward to welcoming you back and thank you for your understanding during this time.

Kind regards,



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